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Copper Metallic Sheathed Fire Resistant Cable (YTTW)

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Summary:Copper Metallic Sheathed Cable are designed with copper tube as high temperature resistant layer very suitable for places needs fire resistance.


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Copper Metallic Sheathed Fire Resistant Cable

1. Advanced production technology

Cables are product in the mechanical and automatic production line.

Conductor: twisted by the multi-strand copper wires,with small impedance,big ampacity,and flexibility.

Insulation: wrapped by high temperature resistant(1300℃) inorganic mineral insulated tapes,with uniform thickness of insulation,high with stand ability of power frequency voltage,strong anti electric aging and long service life.

Sheath: the copper sheath(resistant to high temperature of 1083℃) to protect the insulated layer from the fire that will not be loose or burn,keep the integrity of power lines.

2. High temperature resistant

In the combustion flame temperature of 950 to 1000℃ for 3 hour,the circuit integrity maintains.

3. Long continuous length

Because of the continuous mechanical production,the length of cable can meet the need of distribution length,without intermediate joints;contact resistance and contact fault are reduced greatly.

4. High overload capacity

High overload capacity is defined for the inorganic mineral insulated materials.For example,in high temperature places,the temperature of protective sheath can be increased to 105℃ even higher in case of no contact to high temperature surface of cable,no flammable materials or no requirements on voltage drop at the cable terminal.But in common places,the cables current carrying capacity must be selected according to the sample list.

5. excellent environmental protection characteristic

Cable can be burned in the flame,smoke-free non-toxic. Because the overall cable materials belong to non-combustible component,which will not produce combustion-supporting.The cable after being disposed is also non-toxic. Waste copper can be recovered.

6. Fine moisture resistance

Moisture resistance is a particularly important technical index of fireproof cable.Because if the fireproof cable is not powered on in the long term(no fire) the insulation will be seriously affected with damp,and the insulation resistance will greatly reduced,now once a fire happens,it is likely to electric leakage,shortage accident and the extinguishment may be affected.YTTW adopts high quality high damp resistant inorganic mineral tapes.Though the cable is not powered on for a long time,the insulation resistance will remain the performance of extinguishment immediately after a fire happens.

7. radiation resistant

No electromagnetic interference,all YTTW cables are made of inorganic materials,not affected by irradiation.The material will not turn bad,neither the insulation characteristics.Copper sheath of cable  has shielding function,not generating interference to the surrounding communication systems during power on.

8. Comprehensive economic benefit is obvious

YTTW insulation is made of inorganic materials. When the copper is used for the sheath,the price of the same size,the price of the same size is higher than that of organic material cable.But from the comprehensive economic benefit,the inorganic insulated cables have obvious superiority:

A: The outer sheath of copper sheathed mineral insulated cable can make PED line,four core cables can substitute five core cables,greatly reducing the price difference;

B: without accessories of through tubes and trays,such cables can be directly laid,saving the cost of accessories;

C:The low smoke halogen-free organic insulated cables will still produce low smoke and low toxic during burning.It can’t be compared with the ability of smoke-free non-toxic of inorganic mineral insulated cables.

D: The service life of organic cable is only 1/5 of that of inorganic cables.So we can see that the comprehensive price of inorganic cables would be much cheaper than the organic cables.

Rated Voltage: 0.6/1kV

Conductor: Strand Bear Copper  Rated Voltage: 0.6/1kV

Insulation: Mica Tape          

Heavy Duty: 750V

Sheath: Copper Metallic Sheath  Light Duty: 500v


Copper Metallic Sheathed Fire Resistant Cable



Core number

Rated Voltage




2-61 core




1-5 core


1 core

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