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Some info you may want to know about armored cable.

February 19, 2020

Armored power cables are coated with unreactive material to protect them from mechanical damage judging from the environments in which they are commonly found.

1. Advantages of armored cable

The armoring material is often hard enough to protect the inner cable from damage. And armored cable for sale also flexible for a variety of applications. There are a number of advantages that come with using armored cables:

Cables that are used in large industrial applications often have a lot of challenges during transmission. Both electrical and network cables are meant to be used over long distances. It exposes them to a lot of mechanical threats. Armored cables are able to protect the inner components of the cable.

You can use actual transmission from being damaged by different external factors thus hindering transmission. This ensures both power and network availability for the desired applications and hence making armored cables a reliable way of transmission.

we have cables that are used for the mains grid, interference from fellow cables and other electrical appliances that are in the path of the transmission line is common occurrence.Using armored cables helps in insulating the transmission components from emitting the interference. And also from being affected by interferences that are being emitted from neighboring cables and also appliances. This is accordance to the EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) regulations that have been set by a number of institutions in various regions to ensure that all appliances and cables can coexist in the same environments.

2. Commonly used armor types

Two types of armor are very commonly used around the world: steel tape armor(STA) and steel wire armor( SWA).

Steel tape armour is only used for laying directly buried cable or common through pipe, common ground, tunnel, etc. The steel wire armour can withstand the general longitudinal tension, so it is suitable for short distance overhead laying or vertical and vertical laying. In foreign countries, there are more steel wire armored cables.

By comparison, the price for steel wire armour is more expensive. Because the production of steel wire armour is difficult and the cost is high.

In terms of current carrying capacity, the difference between the two is not big, but the non-magnetic steel strip or steel wire should be used.


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