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How to chose the household electricity?

January 20, 2020

With the rapid increase of household electricity consumption, in order to ensure the safety of household electricity, consumers should pay attention to the following matters when purchasing household electric wires:

1. marks of electric wires

According to the state regulations, the surface of the wire should be marked with the name of the manufacturer, wire product model and rated voltage mark.If there is any problem in the process of using the wire, please contact the manufacturer in time.

2. the appearance of the wire

Users should pay attention to the appearance of the wire should be smooth and smooth, insulation and sheath layer without damage, mark printing is clear, the surface of the wire without greasy feeling, the thickness of insulation and sheath on the entire circumference of the wire section is uniform, not partial core, insulation and sheath should have a certain thickness.

3.The diameter of the conductor

Users should pay attention to whether the conductor diameter is consistent with the section shown on the wire qualification certificate when purchasing the wire. If the conductor section is too small, it is easy to make the wire warm and cause short circuit.Other high-power household appliances such as air conditioners and microwave ovens shall use wires of 2.5 square millimeters or above.

4. Standard use

The user should regulate the wiring, BV single core wire is best to wear the pipe when the fixed line, do not break the wire;Do not connect in the middle of a route;Do not touch the wire when the wire is connected to the electrical box (box);In addition, household appliances with large electricity consumption, such as air conditioners, should be supplied by separate power lines;It is best to keep a certain distance between weak and strong wires.


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