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Why do we need to analyze the impurity elements of aluminum alloys for wires and cables?

June 01, 2024

In the wire and cable manufacturing industry, aluminum rods, aluminum alloy wires, aluminum alloy strips, profiles, etc. for electrical use are also important materials. One of the important testing items for conductive aluminum alloys is chemical composition analysis. In addition to determining the grade of aluminum alloys, another important purpose of composition analysis is to determine the content of impurity elements.


The reason why we need to analyze the impurity elements of conductive aluminum alloys is that the manufacturing process of aluminum alloys is to add a certain proportion of alloying elements to pure aluminum. These added alloying elements are usually trace elements, especially the percentage of trace elements added to conductive aluminum alloys. The mass fraction is generally not more than 1.0%. The trace alloying elements we commonly add are Cu, Mg, Fe, B, Zr and other elements, but Zr, Cr, V, Mn, Li and Ti have a serious impact on the resistivity of aluminum alloy conductor materials. Therefore, we must strictly control the content of Zr, Cr, V, Mn, Li 7 and Ti in aluminum alloy conductor materials. Reduce the harmful effects of impurity elements on the conductivity of aluminum alloys.

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