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What should I consider when choosing a cable connection method?

May 11, 2024

1. Cable type: Different cable types may require different connection methods. For example, low-voltage cables may require simple stripping and twisting, while high-voltage cables may require specialized connectors or soldering.
2. Current size: The size of the current will affect the selection of cables and also the selection of connection methods. For example, high currents may require stronger connections such as soldering or the use of specialized connectors.
3. Voltage level: Voltage level will also affect the choice of connection method. For example, high-voltage cables may require special connectors and insulation.
4. Environmental conditions: If the cable needs to work in harsh environments, such as high temperature, high humidity, chemical corrosion, etc., then it is necessary to select connection methods and materials that can adapt to this environment.
5. Convenience of installation and maintenance: Although some connection methods are simple to install at the beginning, they are difficult to maintain later, while some connection methods are complicated to install at the beginning but easy to maintain later.
6. Economic factors: The price differences of different types of connection methods and materials may also affect the final choice.

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