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STA armored MV underground cable

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Summary: MV STA armoured underground cable is generally applied to the fields including power, construction, mines, metallurgy, petrochemical industry,Cu/XLPE/CTS/STA/PVC,Cu/XLPE/CTS/STA/PE.


Zhenglan Cable Technology Co., Ltd

MV STA armoured underground cable Construction:


Number of conductors:1,3

The conductors shall comply with the requirement given in IEC

Insulation:XLPE(Cross-linked Polyethylene) according to IEC


PVC(Polyaluminium Chloride) according to IEC

Metal screen:

Copper Tape Screen

Galvanized tape armoured (SWA/STA)

Sheath colour:


Underground cable

MV STA armoured underground cable Technical data:

XLPE insulated cables

Voltage: Up to 35KV

Conductor temperature

Maximum conductor temperature in normal use: 90℃

Max.short-circuit temperature

Maximum shall not exceed 250℃(5s Max,Duration)

Installation temperature

Ambient temperature under installation shall not be below 0℃

Minimum bending radius

The bending radius of cable: (D-Diameter of cable) 

For Three Core Cable————————————-≥15D

For Single Core Cable————————————-≥20D

Standard: IEC60502-1, BS 5467and etc. upon request.

Advantages:Strict quality control system.

Faster lead time than our competitors.

Armoured cable

Electrical specifications(21/35kV Armoured Cabl)

PVC Insulated Single-core Wire Application: To be used at 35,000 volts or less and at conductor temperatures not to exceed 90°C for normal operation. It is generally applied to the fields including power, construction, mines, metallurgy, petrochemical industry and communication in complete replace of oil immersed paper insulated armoured power cable.


Electrical specifications (26/35)kV Armoured Power Cable

Size ( Nominal thickness of XLPE insulation(mm) Thickness of copper tape screen (mm) Steel tape diameter(mm) Nominal thickness of PVC or PE(mm) Approx. overall diameter (mm) D.C resistance @ 20 0 C (Ω/km)
3x50 10.5 0.1 0.8 3.7 87 0.387
3x70 10.5 0.1 0.8 3.8 90 0.268
3x95 10.5 0.1 0.8 3.9 95 0.193
3x120 10.5 0.1 0.8 4.0 99 0.153
3x150 10.5 0.1 0.8 4.1 100 0.124
3x185 10.5 0.1 0.8 4.2 106 0.0991
3x240 10.5 0.1 0.8 4.4 112 0.0754
3x300 10.5 0.1 0.8 4.5 115 0.0601
3x400 10.5 0.1 0.8 4.5 123 0.0470


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