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7 instructions for packaging, transportation and storage of power cables"

March 28, 2021

Power cable is currently the most widely used cable type, which is widely used in office places, party and government organs, scientific research institutes; Substations, power distribution rooms; Power plants; Large enterprises; Commercial centers; CBD area; financial center; City Square; High-rise buildings; Scenic spots in residential areas; Important spans of cultural relics protection areas: crossing railways; Crossing expressways; Crossing rivers.
7 instructions for packaging, transportation and storage of power cables"
1. The packaging of power cables needs to use cable drum, including iron tray, wooden tray and iron frame wooden tray. The outer diameter of the plate has a great impact on the cost of transportation and storage, for cables of 10kV and below, the disc diameter should be less than 3.2 meters, and the disc width should not exceed 2.2 meters. For cables of 10kV and below, special transport vehicles should be used.
2. The weight of each plate of power cable is related to the specification, model and length of power cable. Generally, the length of low-voltage power cable single plate is about 500 meters and the weight is 3-10 tons.
3. During transportation and loading and unloading, power cables and power cable drum should not be damaged. It is forbidden to push cable drum directly from the car. Cable drum should not be transported horizontally or stored horizontally.
4. Before transporting or rolling cable drum, you must ensure that the cable drum is firm and the cable is tightly wound. When rolling, you must follow the arrow indication on the cable drum or the winding direction of the cable.
5. The head of the power cable shall be protected during transportation and storage and sealed reliably to prevent moisture from entering the water. When there is doubt in appearance inspection, judgment or test of damp should be conducted. If the head is damaged during storage, it should be handled immediately.
6. The storage of power cables should be classified and stored centrally, and the model, voltage, specification and length should be marked. There should be a channel between cable drum. The foundation should be solid. When limited by conditions, it should be padded under the plate, and the storage place should not contain water. When cable drum is damaged, it should be replaced in time.
7. The oil-filled cable shall keep the pressure oil tank, oil pipe, Valve and pressure gauge intact during transportation and storage. During the storage period, the oil pressure should be checked frequently and recorded. The oil pressure should not be reduced to the lowest value. When the oil pressure drops to zero or vacuum occurs, it should be handled in time.

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