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Different conductor types in cable, wire and conductor.

April 03, 2020

Non compact circular conductor belongs to normal stranded conductor. During stranding, the conductor is pressed tightly without pressing wheel or pressing die. There is a natural gap between the strands of the stranded conductor. The conductor is circular, the most common one, such as the stranded conductor of wires and steel core aluminum strand, which are often seen, belongs to non compact conductor.


Compact circular conductor is on the basis of non compact circular conductor. During stranding, the conductor is pressed tightly by circular pressing wheel or circular pressing die to reduce the gap between stranded conductors' wires. The conductor is still circular, the cross-sectional area of conductor is unchanged, but the outer diameter of conductor is smaller, which can reduce the amount of materials such as cable insulation and sheath and the outer diameter of finished cable. Compact circular conductors are generally used for low, medium and high voltage power cables and overhead insulated cables.

The advantages of compact conductors are as follows:

1. Reduce the outer diameter of conductor. If the process is strictly carried out in the production, the cost savings for multi-channel cables are considerable

2. Uniform electric field, especially for medium and high voltage cables above 6kV, and tight pressure ratio shall be specified to prevent charge concentration on conductor surface, resulting in tip discharge, breakdown or burn of insulation layer. Conductor shield in medium voltage cable also has the function of uniform electric field

3. Due to the small gap between the conductors, it is not easy for the conductors to enter the water and cause water tree discharge.


Shaped (irregular) conductor is the conductor of the cable in the stranding, the conductor is through the sector or tile shaped pressing wheel to compact the conductor sector, tile and semi-circular conductor, the conductor into a certain shape, so it is called shaped conductor. Tight pressing can also reduce the gap between the stranded conductors' single wires, and the combination of prefabricated cable insulation cores after cable forming is tight, without filling materials. The amount of materials such as wrapping, lining, armor and outer sheath can be reduced, effectively reducing the outer diameter of the cable. Formed conductors are mainly used for low-voltage power cables.


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