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How to judge the quality of fire-retardant wires & cables?

March 04, 2020
How to judge the quality of fire-retardant wires & cables?
1. Color 
1) Color requirements: the color of the sign shall be able to confirm that it follow or approaches a certain color specified in GB6995.2-86 wire and cable identification mark part 2: standard color.
2) Clarity: the color of the sign shall be easy to identify or recognize.
3) Scratch resistance: the mark shall be scratch resistant, and the color after wiping shall be basically unchanged.
2. Number
1) Color requirements: the carrier shall be the same color, and the color of all identification numbers shall be the same color. The carrier color shall be obviously different from the mark color, and it shall be able to confirm that it follow or is close to a certain color specified in GB6995.2-86.
2) Clarity: the number sign shall be clear and the writing shall be clear.
3) Rub resistance: the digital sign shall be rub resistant, and the sign after wiping shall remain unchanged.
3. Imprint mark
1) Form: the embossed mark shall be in the form of embossing or intaglio printing and directly imprinted on the carrier.
2) Clarity: the handwriting of the imprinted mark shall be clear or easy to recognize.
4. Sign line or band
1) Mark line: the mark line used to identify the origin of wires and cables shall be registered according to relevant regulations, and its color can be single color or combination color.
2) Sign belt: the sign belt is printed with words, letters, symbols and other marks, indicating the manufacturer of wires and cables, product voltage level, model, specification, trademark and so on.
3) Clarity: the color of the whole sign line shall be consistent, and the boundary between the two colors in the combined color shall be clear. The color of the sign line and the mark on the sign belt shall be clear and distinguishable.
4) Fastness: when washing with gasoline or other suitable solvent, the color of the mark shall remain unchanged.
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