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Which one is more expensive, aluminum alloy cable or aluminum core cable?

January 16, 2024

Aluminum alloy cables and aluminum core cables are two common power transmission line materials. Their conductor materials are different, so their prices are also different. Generally speaking, the price of aluminum alloy cables is relatively high. The following are some factors that affect the price:

1. Conductor material: The conductor of aluminum alloy cable is made of aluminum alloy, while the aluminum core cable is made of ordinary aluminum. The manufacturing cost of aluminum alloy is relatively high, which makes aluminum alloy cables relatively expensive.

2. Performance differences: Aluminum alloy cables usually have better electrical conductivity and mechanical properties and can meet some special requirements, which is one of the reasons for their higher price.

3. Manufacturing process: The production and manufacturing process of aluminum alloy cables is relatively complex and requires a higher level of technology and equipment, which will also affect its price.

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