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How to identify the advantages and disadvantages when purchasing wires?

March 16, 2023
First of all, look at the color. The copper core is yellowish and reddish, indicating that the quality of the copper used is better, while the yellowish white is the reaction of low-quality copper. For aluminum core wires, regular ones must be shiny, shining silver-white light under the light, while those that are dark and look dark are of poor quality.
Secondly, bend the wire by hand to test its toughness. A good wire has good toughness and can be bent very well. Some unqualified wires are bent a few times and their insulation layer is broken, and some can even be peeled off by hand. Insulation.
Then, it must be checked whether the length and the thickness of the wire core have been tampered with. According to the relevant standards, the error of the length of the wire cannot exceed 5%, and the diameter of the cross-section cannot exceed 0.02%. Short of two catties, the phenomenon of falsification on the cross-section.
Also intercept a section of insulation to see if its core is in the middle of the insulation. What is not centered is the phenomenon of core eccentricity caused by low craftsmanship. When using it, if the power is low, it will be safe. Once the amount is large, the thinner side is likely to be broken down.
Finally, we can also check whether the identification is complete. There should be the name of the cable factory, wire model, specification, cross-sectional area, length, rated voltage, date of manufacture, and the implemented certification number or certification mark. If these signs are incomplete or absent, consumers should be cautious when purchasing.
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