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A simple method for checking the quality of insulation layer of electric wire

August 12, 2022

The main function of the electric wire is not to spread the current to objects outside the target while conducting electricity, which is mainly the function of the insulating layer. Therefore, a good insulation layer is the best guarantee to avoid some risks caused by electricity consumption. The insulation layer is plastic, so we can try to test the plastic method to check the quality of the wire.



So it's easy. Just remember these steps:


1. Pull: If the quality of the insulating layer is poor, it will be easily deformed and cracked when pulling hard. Try to pull as much as possible. It is difficult to judge whether the quality of the insulating layer is good or bad.

2. Folding: Bend a small section of cable at will, if there is no break or white mark at the bend, the quality is good.

3. Ignite: Ignite the wire with fire, and light it with a lighter. If it does not catch fire when it is lit, it is a high-quality wire. It is a good flame retardant wire. If it is lit and emits thick black smoke, it will catch fire on its own after leaving the flame. Don't even think about it. You buy garbage and throw it into the trash can immediately.

4. No odor: It is fake and inferior wire that smells stinky, and the high-quality insulating layer will not have odor that suffocates the nose even if it is ignited.

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