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China's first solar and tidal energy complementary smart photovoltaic power station realizes full-capacity grid-connected power generation

June 10, 2022

On May 30, the country's first tidal-light complementary smart photovoltaic power station - National Energy Group Longyuan Zhejiang Wenling Chao-light complementary smart photovoltaic power station achieved full-capacity grid-connected power generation, creating a new energy comprehensive application of photovoltaic and tidal power generation in perfect harmony. This indicates that my country has made new achievements in the comprehensive utilization of marine energy and the three-dimensional development and construction of new energy.

The power station is the first and currently the only Chaoguang complementary smart photovoltaic power station in China. It is located in Wugen Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province. Silicon bifacial modules. The power station complements China's largest tidal power station, comprehensively utilizes solar energy and tidal energy, forming a scene of "the sun and the moon work together, and the water and the water generate power together".

It is understood that the level of intelligence and automation of the power station has reached the domestic first-class level, realizing few people and no one on duty. The power station uses UAV inspection technology and AI intelligent diagnosis system, relying on the big data analysis of the digital platform, to carry out remote diagnosis of photovoltaic power generation equipment health monitoring, to detect potential equipment problems in advance, and the early warning accuracy rate is over 85%, reaching the industry's leading position, achieving from The transformation from "people looking for information" to "information looking for people", equipment operation and maintenance has changed from passive to active, which effectively guarantees the economic benefits of the power station.

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