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How to judge the cable quality?

January 17, 2020

As the carrier of power transmission, the quality of wires and cables has become an influential factor in the frequency of fires. Therefore, in order to create a sense of safe electricity use and a safe and healthy life and to avoid the emergence of home fires or engineering fires, choosing high-quality wires and cables is necessary. To help you choose high quality cable, below we share with you some methods:

Wire and cable appearance

The appearance of a good wire product should be smooth and round, and the color is uniform, so everyone should take apart the wire and check it when buying, to see if the appearance is uniform, if the color changes, etc. .

Product certification

The wire product certification certificate will clearly print the "CCC" certification mark, trademark, model specifications, rated voltage, length, inspection, manufacturing date, implementation standards, factory name, address, telephone and other marks, and will be clearly printed with the product. Correspondence, these will be the products produced by regular manufacturers, and everyone should clearly see when buying.

Wire conductor

The conductor of the wire should be shiny, and the DC resistance, conductor structure size, etc. meet the requirements of designated standards. Wire and cable products that meet the requirements of standards, whether they are aluminum or copper conductors, are relatively bright and free of oil, so the DC resistance of the conductors fully meets standards, has good electrical conductivity and high safety.

Wire specifications

The wire specifications are very important. BVV 2 × 2.5 and BVV 2 × 1.5 wires should be used for general household power cords. BVV is the national standard code for copper sheathed wires BVV 2 × 2.5 and BVV 2 × 1.5, which represent 2 cores 2.5 mm 2 and 2 cores 1.5 mm 2 respectively. Generally, BVV 2 × 2.5 is used as the main line and trunk line, and BVV2 × 1.5 is used as a single electrical branch line and switch line. One-way air-conditioning special line uses BVV2 × 4, and is equipped with special ground wire.

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