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Some infor about Mineral Insulation Fire Resistant Cable NG-A cable and BTLY cable

October 10, 2020
The difference between NG-A cable and BTLY cable:
NG-A is the type code of the national standard to be published, in order to standardize the naming of different models of each manufacturer;
Btly is an isolated mineral insulated cable. Since there is no industry and national standard before, it usually follows the enterprise standard, so the model name of each manufacturer is different;
Now the national standard will be implemented, and the unified model name is NG-A(BTLY) .
The type letters of ng-a BTLY are as follows:
G -- isolation
N -- fire resistance
B -- mineral insulated cables for wiring
T --- copper conductor
L --- aluminum metal sleeve
Y -- PVC outer sheath
BTLY cable is an improved fireproof cable based on BTTZ mineral insulated cable. The BTLY cable produced by Zhenglan Cable confirms to BS6387 standard test
In fact, the performance of the two cables is the same, but the model name is different. In the future, they will be named NG-A(BTLY) cable
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