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1. Strictly in accordance with the contract, provide fully comply with the design standard quality qualified products.
2. Ensure the quality, strictly check and control the quality of raw materials into the factory.
3. Provide users with technical advice for free to help users choose good cable, and answer user's various technical issues.
4. Provide services for free if you need to inspect in our plant during the product manufacturing process.
5. In the warranty period stipulated in the contract, if there is any damage, defect or failure of the product due to our failure in design, manufacture and materials, we shall repair or replace the defective product for free after receiving the written notice from the buyer, so as to meet the requirements of the tender documents.
6. If the project period is extended caused by defective products requiring replacement or repair due to our responsibility, the warranty period will be extended corresponding to the actual time day by repair or replacement.
7. If there is any problem occurred after the warranty period, we guarantee to repair or replace timely, any only charge the cost.
8. We guarantee to provide the buyer with timely and high quality technical services and spare parts supply at favorable price in out-of warranty period.
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