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Zhenglan Cable Technology CO., Ltd.,formerly known as HENAN Zhengzhou Cable Co., Ltd., is one of the large­scale backbone enterprises in China's wire and cable industry. The company's registered capital is about 4 million 6 thousand yuan and its headquarter is located in 49 floor of the South Tower of the Greenland Center of Zhengzhou high railway station (Petronas Twin Towers). The factory is located in the Zhengzhou cable science and Technology Industrial Park of the Wuzhi industrial area. It is a modern industrial park integrating advanced research and development technology and production technology.

The company has more than 90 production equipment with advanced technology, through the continuous introduction of advanced and first-class manufacturing and testing equipment, absorption of leading technology, through independent innovation, technical transformation and other ways to improve the traditional industry and focus on cultivating the core competitiveness of enterprises. At the same time, the company launched a computer program controlled dry cross-linked cable production line, medium voltage cable high speed production line, high voltage cross-linked cable production line, mineral insulated cable production line and 10CNC high-speed weaving, strand, extrusion, wire, wrapping, wire drawing, rewinding machine, packing line, and then to computer-controlled jet code system, these first-class systems manufacturing equipment provides solid hardware guarantee for product quality.

The main products of the company are 9 major categories, 10 product series and 60 varieties, including all kinds of bare wires, power cables (cross-linked cables, plastic cables, etc.) special cables (fire retardant, fire resistant, low smoke and halogen free cables), control cables, overhead insulated cables, cloth and wires, tec. The company’s leading products include 1KV, 10-35KV XLPE cables, plastic cables, irradiated cables, special cables, overhead conductors and so on. The company’s products are produced in strict accordance with national standards(GB), and can be produced in accordance with International Electrotechnical Commission Standards(IEC), CCITT, British Standards (BS), German Standards (DIN), Japanese Standards(JIS), American standard(ASTM), French standard (NF) production, but also according to customer requirements for non-standard cable product design and manufacturing to meet different customer needs.

The company's products are widely used in the key industries and fields of national economic development, such as electric power, civil construction, metallurgy, railway, transportation, telecommunications, petroleum, chemical engineering, construction and national defense and military industry. It has been exported to many countries and regions in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa, and has a wide influence and good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.

The company adheres to the company' s development strategy of "vertical integration and horizontal correlation” and adopts a "cross-regional comprehensive layout" model, adhering to the principle of “win-win” (national, corporate, employees, and companies, agents, and users are mutually beneficial to win the business philosophy, fully implement the “eight centralized management and control of Zhenglan Cable Science and Technology" model. Taking brand as the banner, quality as fundamental, innovation as the means, with scientific and technological progress as the motive force, to serve the high-end market as the orientation, striving to create the domestic industry “benchmark” as the goal, towards the “internationalization, technology, industrialization” of the development direction of the broad stride forward. After 20 years of continuous construction and development, Zhenglan cable technology has developed into a large and modern industrial enterprise with complete variety, excellent quality, leading technology and advanced concept.

In the year 2014, the company successfully introduced the strategic investment partner Zhongzhou Electric Group Co., Ltd. on the basis of continuous being development. Through the combination of strong enterprises and powerful enterprises, it has been transformed into a scientific and technological innovation stock company with more vitality, advanced management concept, and modern operation and management mechanism- Zhenglan Cable Technology Co., Ltd., which is currently listed in the Central China Equity Exchange Center.

Registered trademarks of the company’s products: ZL.
The company core concept: Technological innovation, make best quality products.
Business purposes: Honesty-based, Technological innovation, Pursuit of perfection, Best quality.
Enterprise goal: Create international brand, make hundred-year enterprise.
The spirit of enterprise: Strive for excellence, Contribute, Solidarity, Friendly.
Enterprise mission: Make cable conductors with heart.

Relying on many years of experience in wire and cable production, strong product technology and research and development force, and advanced production and testing equipment, Zhenglan cable technology Co., Ltd. willcertainly bring better quality products and better service for the customers, Zhenglan cable technology is willing to cooperate with you, me and him sincerely, and join hands in creating our beautiful home!
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